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The Adjustable jump rope is ideal to burn fat and gets a lean body; it’s a perfect fit for busy people who want to be fit but are always on the go. It’s perfect for beginners, WOD’s, Cross Fitness Training, Boxing, MMA Training, and more. It is adjustable for cardio fitness and speeds endurance training.

Take your workout to the next level with the best jump rope for workouts. You have a choice of five different ropes to add to your workouts to burn fat, get lean and master double unders. Boxers have been using their workouts for years now to increase their speed, reaction time, and coordination. It is suitable for almost anyone from beginners to professional athletes who would like to improve their fitness, develop muscle tone and definition.

The five different jump ropes available for workouts are the Leather, the Speed cable, the 2 lb Weighted, the 1 lb Weighted, and the Adjustable Speed jump ropes. The Amazing fitness adjustable jump rope is the only one with a 100% lifetime warranty. You get a full refund if you are not satisfied with it and you return it.



Adjustable Jump Rope Features:

  •  HIGHEST QUALITY: Each and every jump rope is made with premium quality 3m PVC and features a high-quality premium ball bearing that ensures the rope will turn smoothly and effortlessly. Designed for long-term and intense usage.
  •  CUSTOM BUILT FOR RESULTS: Ergonomic handles are molded to minimize hand fatigue and designed to ensure smooth and even rotation. Unbelievably fast, super lightweight, and extremely portable. Ensuring fast-spinning, no kinking or tangling. Burn up to 1000 calories per hour – the Easiest way to shred fat, build coordination and increase agility.
  •  DURABLE & ADJUSTABLE, ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Quickly and easily adjustable down to your desired length within minutes! Our ropes have an original length of 9.8 ft. Designed for Men, Women, and Kids. Fits people of all sizes using adjustable screws or a wire cutter.
  •  TOP-RATED WORKOUT TOOL: Our jump rope is perfect for mastering double unders, speed jumping, WOD’s, boxing, UFC & MMA training, endurance training, speed training, or cross fitness. Promotes the greatest amount of weight loss in the healthiest manner possible while improving muscle tone in your legs, lower and upper body.

Adjustable Jump Rope Reviews:

The Adjustable jump rope is a very ideal tool for getting fit and lean by burning fat away. It is adjustable for cardio fitness and speeds endurance training. There are five different jump ropes to choose from. It can also be adjusted based on your height. It has a lifetime warranty. There are many positive reviews for the jump rope.


The Adjustable jump rope is a very good and effective tool for workouts. If you are looking for a jump rope, I strongly recommend you seriously consider the jump rope.






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