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Tai Cheng DVD Workout is a workout program on Tai Cheng practice. It is a natural remedy to recalibrate your body based on a training technique called Dynamic Motion Control. With it, you will master 18 no impact moves in 90 days in which you combine the moves into a beautiful sequence that helps increase strength and reduce stiffness and pain.

Moreover, with Tai Cheng DVD Workout, you improve balance and coordination while also increasing the range of motion and helping to reduce pain. Hence, you get rid of discomfort and move into a healthier and more active lifestyle. It is also good for athletes who want to rehabilitate chronic aches and pain, avid fitness enthusiasts looking to improve on their base of movement to benefit their workouts, or for anyone who wants to remain active and have better health. Additionally, with the Tai Cheng DVD Workout, you also learn breathing and meditation, proper nutrition and resistance moves with the strength band.  You also learn how to use the foam roller to get rid of aches and pains.


Tai Cheng DVD Workout Features:

  • Master 18 Fundamental moves of Tai Chi in 90 days and combine them into one powerful, gentle routine
  • Improve your energy, balance, and agility while reducing many common aches and pains.
  • Promote healthy fat loss, improved circulation, coordination, balance, and range of motion while reducing stress.
  • Includes 4 workout DVDs, “Get Started” Master Scroll DVD, Guidebook, Nutrition Guide, weekly calendar, quick start guide, and bonus DVD: Applied Travel and Sport.
  • You also get Tai Cheng equipment: strength band, Tai Cheng Foam Roller, floor tape measure, and FREE access to the Team Beachbody® online community.

    Tai Cheng DVD Workout Reviews:

    The Tai Cheng DVD Workout is a 21st-century fitness program based on thousands of years of Tai Cheng practice. With the Tai Cheng DVD Workout, you can rebuild your body from aches, pain, or injury. The Tai Cheng DVD Workout is based on the training technique called Dynamic Motion Control which teaches the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Cheng in 90 days.


The Tai Cheng DVD Workout is a top-notch workout program that gets you back your health in a non-traditional way. If you are looking for a workout program to eliminate aches, pains, stiffness and get back to being a healthy individual, then I strongly recommend that you seriously consider the Tai Cheng DVD Workout.