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Are you overwhelmed with the variety of rowing machines on the market? Are you finding it difficult to choose a rowing machine? In this guide, we help you make an informed decision by not only reviewing some of the best rowing machines but also discuss the factors to consider when choosing a rowing machine.




1.  Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Power Rowing Machine – SF-RW5801

The SF-RW5801 is good for cardiovascular and low-impact aerobic exercises. It features 16 levels of adjustable resistance. This allows you to change the intensity of your workouts. You can also exercise your quads on the pivoting foot pedals.

The SF-RW5801 also features slip-resistant handlebars that give you a secure grip while you exercise. This rowing machine has stabilizers to provide an additional layer of stability. It features large padded seating and supports weights up to 285 pounds. You can track your progress with its digital monitor. It displays data in terms of time, scan, count, total count, and calories.





       What We Like:

  • 16 Levels of Adjustable Resistance
  • Slip Resistant Handlebars





2.  Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine – SF RW5515

The SF RW5515 has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. With this range of magnetic resistance, you can change the intensity of your workouts. This rowing machine provides low-impact aerobic exercises. It has large non-slip foot pedals that ensure your feet remain on the pedals as you exercise.

For more security, this rowing machine features stabilizers for the floors. It keeps track of your progress with the digital monitor. It gives data in time, total count, calories, and scan. It also features anti-slip handlebars for support when you work out.





        What We Like:

  • 8 Levels of Adjustable Resistance
  • Floor Stabilizers
  • Non-SLip Foot Pedals





3.  Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Rowing Machine

The SF-RW5639 is another product in the Sunny Health & Fitness brand. It features 12 levels of adjustable resistance. It has one piston that engages when the rider pulls back. It supports weights up to 350 pounds.

This rowing machine also has non-slip foot pedals to ensure your feet remain on the pedals during the workouts. It uses straps on your feet. Its digital monitor provides workout data in time, total count, scan, and calories.





      What We Like:

  • 12 Levels of Resistance
  • Non-Slip Foot Pedals





4.  Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine – SF-RW5713 

The SF-RW5713 features water resistance to help strengthen muscles and provide cardiovascular workouts. it has high-intensity hydro blades that create resistance during rowing sessions. It uses 16 fan blades.

This rowing machine has 42 inches in slide rail length and 38 inches slide rail inseam. It features an R2 fitness meter that tracks your workout progress and provides the data like time, strokes, calories, ambient temperature, and more. For safety, it has floor stabilizers that ensure it is leveled with the floor. It also features non-slip foot pedals with nylon straps. This ensures your feet remain in position as you work out. It supports weights up to 300 lbs.





      What We Like:

  • 16 Fan Blades
  • Water Resistance Designed
  • Floor Stabilizers & Non-Slip Foot Pedals





5.  ECHANFIT Rowing Machine Foldable Indoor Rower

This rowing machine provides low-impact cardiovascular exercises to strengthen your muscles, burn fat, and tone your body. Moreover, the ECHANFIT rowing machine has 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance. This gives you options to change the intensity of the workouts when you want to. It is silent, long-lasting, and reliable.

This rowing machine has quick-adjust pedals with quick-release, adjustable foot straps. This ECHANFIT rowing machine features a durable and quiet slide rail that provides safety during workouts.





6.  ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

This version of the ECHANFIT rowing machine also has 16 levels of resistance. This resistance range allows you to customize your workouts to match your fitness goals. It supports weights up to 265 lbs.

It features a magnetic flywheel with a belt drivetrain that produces silent rows for a smooth rowing experience. This rowing machine tracks your workouts and provides data such as time, RPM, distance, scan, calories, and count. It has an ergonomic design with foam handles that provides a comfortable grip and reduce strain during your workout. Additionally, it has pivoting plates that provide a larger range of motion and adjustable foot straps for safety.





      What We Like:

  • 16 Levels of Resistance
  • Silent Rowing Experience





7.  OVICX Magnetic Rowing Machine

The OVICX rowing machine features 16 levels of magnetic resistance. This resistance range allows you to tailor your workouts to any level of intensity.

It is designed with a double-track featuring a high-quality aluminum slide track. This provides a more stable and smooth workout. Additionally, it features anti-slip pedals to keep your feet on the pedals. With its ergonomic design, it also stabilizes your lower body thereby allowing you to put more focus on your workout.

Moreover, this rowing machine has a handlebar that is sweat-proof, non-slip, and durable. You can monitor your progress with the electronic dial. It gives data on time, speed, distance, calories burned, and more. It weighs about 82 pounds and supports weights up to 242 lbs.





     What We Like:

  • 16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance
  • Double Track Rowing Machine





8.  Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine – SF RW5622

The SF RW5622 also provides low-impact cardiovascular exercises. It features 8 levels of adjustable resistance. This feature allows you to customize your workouts to meet your goals.

The SF – RW5622 is a dual-function rowing machine. Its footplates allow you to do multiple shoulders and arm exercises on the rower. For comfort and support, this rowing machine has a padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars. Its LCD display provides workout data in the form of time, count, calories burned, distance, and more. It supports weights up to 275 pounds.





       What We Like:

  • 8 Levels of Resistance
  • The dual FUnction Rowing machine





9.  Fitness Reality 3000WR Rowing Machine

The Fitness 3000WR rowing machine provides low-impact exercises that target forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders legs, thighs, and more. This rowing machine features 6 levels of water resistance to change the intensity levels. Additionally, it has 13 level race options and 3 workout target goal settings.

It also has 3 customizable HIIT (high-Intensity Interval Training) intervals and 5 standard preset workout goals. This rowing machine features angled tank water faster between pulls thereby providing resistance for each stroke than others in a flat position.

Moreover, the Fitness 3000WR rowing machine has a 19-inch slip-resistant handlebar that provides a comfortable grip for each stroke. It supports weights up to 300 lbs.





      What We Like:

  • 6 Water Resistance Levels
  • 13 Level Race Options
  • 3 HIIT Intervals
  • 5 Standard Preset Goals
  • 19-inch Handlebar





10.  pooboo Magnetic Rowing Machine

The pooboo Magnetic Rowing Machine provides a smooth and quiet exercise experience. With 16 levels of magnetic resistance, you have options to change the level of resistance. This makes this rowing machine ideal for beginners as well as experienced users.






      What We Like:

  • 16 Levels of Magnetic Resistance
  • Easy To Assembly





11.  Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

The Stamina Body rowing machine targets the legs, arms, glutes, abs, back, and more. It provides exercises that improve your cardiovascular health. For safety and support, this rowing machine features a smooth ball-bearing roller system. Additionally, it has non-slip foot pedals with straps, a molded seat, and padded hand grips.

The Stamina Body rowing machine has an adjustable hydraulic resistance that allows you to change the intensity of the workouts. Its LCD monitor provides data such as time, stroke count, calories burned, and more.





      What We Like:

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Resistance
  • Textured Foot Plates & Adjustable Plates
  • Full-Range Rowing Arms





What To Look For In A Rowing Machine?

1.  Noise Level

The level of noise a rowing machine makes is very important when you are choosing a rower. You will have to do some research to determine how much noise the rowing machine you want to buy makes.

Your living condition may also play a part in this. if you are in your home with an extra room where you will have the rower, then it might not be much of an issue. However, if you share a house or apartment with a roommate, then it may be a more important issue.





2.  Maintenance

When you are choosing a rower, you want to consider how much maintenance it requires. You may want a rower that requires the least amount of maintenance. Water rowers need the water to be changed on a regular schedule and while a fan-based rower is easier to maintain.





3.  Size

The size of the rowing machine is very important. Make sure you have enough space for the rower. A typical rowing machine has the footprint of a loveseat. This can be used as a reference to figure out if you have space for it.





4.  Safety

This is an important factor. You want to choose a rowing machine that has safety features to prevent injuries. Some are built with non-slip foot pedals with straps and foam padded hand grips.  Additionally, some have stabilizers to ensure it is stable even if the floors are uneven.





5.  Resistance Mechanism

Rowers have some type of resistance. It may be magnetic, hydraulic, fans, or water tanks. Each type of resistance has its strengths and weaknesses. Do your research and determine which type of resistance will work best for your goals.





6. Handle Design

Some rowers are designed with two handlebars while others have one. When you are deciding which rowing machine to buy, take into consideration which design will be the best for you.





7.  Storage and Portability

Another factor to consider is storage and how portable a rower is. This is related to size which was discussed earlier. You want to choose a rowing machine that is the right size for you and is portable. many are designed with transport wheels which make it easy to move them around. Others are built to fold up while others are designed to be turned on one side and placed against a wall.





Types of Rowing Machines

There are four different resistance types of rowing machines. There are air, hydraulic-piston, magnetic, and water. It is good to know the types, their advantages, and disadvantages to determine which one will be the best type for your needs.





1.  Air

Air resistance machines are the common type. Its resistance is determined by the user’s rowing intensity. You generate more resistance by the amount of intensity that is generated. Air resistance machines are usually found in gyms and health clubs.





2.  Hydraulic Piston

With hydraulic piston machines, the resistance is generated by the pistons. The resistance is usually adjustable and the machines are quiet. Additionally, they are compact and easy to store. They are very affordable among all of the different types.





3.  Magnetic

With the magnetic machines, the resistance is produced by the magnetic system. The magnetic machines are quiet and this resistance is adjustable. They are durable and require little maintenance.





4.  Water

Water machines provide a life-like rowing experience. The resistance is generated by the user’s intensity like air machines. These machines are the most expensive machines among all of them.






Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?
A rowing machine can help you burn calories but is not the best way to burn belly fat as compared to other forms of exercise
What should I look for when buying a rowing machine?
When you are buying a rowing machine, you want to consider the size, its safety features, the type of resistance, noise levels, maintenance, and price.
Should I row every day?
Rowing can be done daily but what is most important is the intensity of your rowing. The intensity will determine what you achieve over time.
Is rowing better than running?
Rowing works your upper and lower body. It tones your arms and strengthens your back. Additionally, rowing activates nine muscle groups and 85% of your body’s musculature.









The Bottom Line

Rowing machines provide cardiovascular and low-impact exercises to strengthen your muscles, lower your back, burn calories, and more. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best rowing machines available today to help you choose the best one for your needs. Our recommendation for a rowing machine is the Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Power Rowing Machine – SF-RW5801.




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